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블룸버그 선정 세계 1위 미래학자

Jason Schenker

제이슨 솅커

President of Prestige Economics, Chairman of The Futurist Institute

프레스티지 이코노믹스, 미래학자연구소 회장

Director of the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies

하와이 대학교 미래전략센터 소장

Jim Dator

짐 데이토

Professor at University of Hawaii

하와이대학교 교수

A Pioneer of KAIST Venture Start-ups and Future Studies in Korea

KAIST 벤처 창업의 대부, 대한민국 미래학 연구의 선구자

Kwang Hyung Lee


Chair-Professor at KAIST

카이스트 석좌교수

Korea’s Leading Earth and Environmental Sciences Expert

대한민국 대표 지구환경 전문가

Sang Mook Lee


Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Seoul National University

서울대학교 지구환경과학부 교수

Elected as the President of the International Management Division of the American Business Administration

미경영학회 국제경영분과 회장 선출

Jae Yong Song


Professor of Business at Seoul National University

서울대학교 경영대학 교수

Author of <Time of Accumulation>

<축적의 시간>의 저자

Jung Dong Lee


Professor of Engineering at Seoul National University, Executive Assistant of the Economy to the President

서울대학교 공과대학 교수, 대통령 경제과학특별보좌관



Young Min Joo Writer

Author of < Virtual is Reality >

Keynote Jae Boong Choi Professor

Author of < Phono Sapiens >

Session II Seong Hwan Yi Director

Business of 5G, GIGA at KT

Session II Tae Bong Koh Center Director

Hi Investment Research Institute

Session II Yoon Sup Choi CEO

Author of < The Future of Digital Healthcare >

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Why you should attend

In the era of transformation and innovation, the Seoul Shinmun hosts 「Seoul Future Conference 2020」 to put forward comprehensive solutions for issues of the future.

Practical issues related to our real life will be examined through presentations and discussions by the world’s leading experts, and a broad network among participants will be built up. Besides, it will be a place of discourse on various issues for future policy planning of Korea

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Digital Transformation, New Normal Era
The SFC 2020 will feature how we can respond to the new growth and win-win paradigm that will be realized with digital technology in the Post-Corona Era with top experts from all over the world.

Keynote Session

Predicting the Post-Corona World, the Era of Great Transformation

SFC Talk

The Post-Pandemic Era and the Future of Korea

Session I

New Trends in the New Normal Era

Session II

Untact, Digital Epilogue