행사명 2020 서울미래컨퍼런스, 주최 서울신문, 후원 과학기술정보통신부, 일시 2020년 10월 14일 수요일, 장소 웨스틴조선호텔 서울

The Seoul Shinmun aims to suggest complex solutions for future issues in the era of change and innovation through the 「Seoul Future Conference」.

Lectures and discussions by top scholars from all over the world at the Seoul Future Conference bring up a meaningful topic about the development of future technologies.

In 2016, we reviewed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a global trend, and checked the current state of technological development in Korea and countermeasures for our industry and society.
In 2017, under the theme of 'Job and Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era,' we discussed changes in the job due to mechanization and automation and educational innovation to respond to this development.
In 2018, under the theme of ‘Beyond the Age of Connections’, we investigated how the expansion of connectivity caused by technological development affects our society and industry through an analysis of smart cities, blockchain, and big data.
In 2019, under the theme of 'The Era of Imagination, AI Asks,' we focused on how our lives would change with artificial intelligence technology and discussed collaboration between artificial intelligence and human.

A total of 70 domestic and foreign speakers and 2,300 audiences participated at the event held over the past four years, becoming a place to reflect on the impact of technological development on the future society and to predict innovative changes in advance.

The Seoul Shinmun, which celebrated its 116th anniversary this year, is going to host the 「2020 Seoul Future Conference」 with the theme of [Digital Transformation, New Normal for the Next Generation]. World’s leading experts will share their insights on the new growth and win-win paradigm that will be realized with digital technology in the Post-Corona Era. We look forward to your participation and support.

Thank you.


A symbol of the Seoul Future Conference (SFC) is inspired by human brain and its complicated and circuit-like structure. It symbolizes the SFC leveraging unlimited potential and creative ideas to touch upon various issues of tomorrow. It also represents human fingerprints that are unique to each person, demonstrating respect for independent and different viewpoints. At the same time, fingerprints can act as a gateway. As such, the SFC will like to become a key to reveal unknown future. The color orange stands for the SFC that is creative, bold, open-minded and forward-looking.

CEO Message

In 2020, our lives would be divided into before and after the COVID. Our society has stopped with the unprecedented spread of infectious diseases and the economy has gone through the toughest time that has ever been experienced. However, we are overcoming this crisis even at this moment with a proactive response based on IT and biotechnology and mature citizenship.

The ‘Seoul Future Conference 2020’ will discuss a new growth and win-win paradigm that will be realized with digital transformation in the Post-Corona Era. The reason why we were able to maintain our daily life while keeping social distancing is that our social and economic systems are operating based on digital technology. We are all connected without having to meet one another in reality.

At the ‘Seoul Future Conference 2020’, a world-renowned futurist and the author of the ‘Post-Corona World’, Jason Schenker, is invited as a keynote speaker. He will give a speech about the future of important areas such as teleworking, online education, bio-health, and international relations in the Post-Corona era, which will be established with digital transformation. Jae Boong Choi, a professor at Sungkyunkwan University, and Young Min Joo, a writer, will lead a Keynote Session with Jason Schenker, predicting and finding ways to take action in this situation.

In the SFC Talk, Jim Dator, a professor of the University of Hawaii and Jeong Dong Lee, the executive assistant of the economy to the president, will discuss how Korea would become a technologically advanced leader based on the experience gained from prevention of COVID.

Besides, Sang Mook Lee, a professor of Seoul National University, Kwang Hyung Lee, a professor of KAIST, and Jae Yong Song, a professor of Seoul National University, will continue to talk about sustainable global ecosystem maintenance and digital data revolution.

Session II will consist of discussions and presentations by the nation's top experts who make use of digital telemedicine, self-driving cars, and robot technologies, as well as 5G technologies that accelerate the transition to the digitalization in the economy. We anticipate your passionate participation and support.

Kwang-heon Ko,
CEO, The Seoul Shinmun


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The Seoul Shinmun Future Strategy Institute

Every year, The Seoul Shinmun Future Strategy Institute plans and organizes the Seoul Future Conference (SFC) under a theme of ‘future science and technology’. Numerous knowledge-based forums and conferences are also hosted by the Institute, including ’Seoul Shinmun Gwanghwamun Lounge (CEO Forum)’ and ‘Local Policy Forum’.

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Unione Communications is in charge of program planning and organizing the Seoul Future Conference 2020.

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